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Business Development Professional 
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                                                                     MANAGEMENT TESTIMONIALS

"In the last year I have worked with Larry, I have been continually impressed with his business acumen and desire to help me with projects from within the organization. Larry is a joy to work with because of his enthusiasm and passion for a job well done. Larry is always timely in his response and can always count on him to get the task at hand completed quickly. He has helped Betz-Huber grow our business and for that I am grateful. I would not hesitate to recommend Larry or speak with anyone on Larry's behalf." 

FB President , Betz-Huber Sales, July 18, 2009

“If being personable, enthusiastic, and helpful to your customers are traits you would like to see in your sales staff, Larry is the Sales Manager for you! He'll make your customers feel like they have a partner in their business.” 

JM , Speaker, Consultant , Structural Integrity July 14, 2009

"...Larry works with impeccable professional boundries.  Working for me, Larry increased the territory over 300%! He is masterful at analyzing critical situations and chooses problem solving stategy with clarity and foresight." 

President, CEO
Environics Inc

"....Being a highly motivated self-starter Larry has always demonstrated strong communication skills, has always been meticulously prepared for all challenges, and consistently performs above expectations for sales revenues."

Vice President
Corotec Corp.

"Larry has a strong track record of accomplishments, including growing his territory more than 3 X while we were employed together. This was done during a time where the market niche our business served was under tremendous price constraints.  Its arguably one of the greatest sales accomplishments I've seen in my career. He has the ability to take strong initiative on projects and see them through to perform beyond expectations.  He is very personable and maintains a consultative rapport with customers."

Senior Project Manager
Nielsen Media Research

"I have known Larry for more than twenty years.  During this time he has shown all the qualities of a very successful salesman, hard work, consistent follow-up, and great attention to detail."

Vice President
Charter Pacific Bank

                                                                        CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS

"I've been working with Larry for over 10 yrs. Larry was always energetic and timely in not only getting quotes but also delivering on time when we needed him to perform. I could always trust that Larry’s information was accurate. I’d be happy to do business with him again. His enthusiasm is contagious and I consider Larry a friend.”

February 13, 2008
Senior Estimator/ Manufacturing Engineer, Flextronics International 

“I used to be a Customer of Larry’s both when he was with Bodycote and then with Reliance Machine. Larry is a gentleman, full of energy and enthusiasm, that makes sure we get what we need. I could always rely on him to give me accurate delivery information. Larry is a joy to work with and his sense of humor always brightens up the day. I can honestly recommend Larry’s work ethic and passion for a job well done to anyone looking for his Business Development skills.” 

March 20, 2008
Planner/Buyer 3
Ovisio Integreted Manufacturing

“I am the Manufacturing Supervisor at Lyncean Technology with over 30 years of manufacturing back ground. I was a Customer of Larry's when he was at Bodycote Thermal Processing and also Reliance Machine. Larry managed our account, complete from pricing to scheduling to completion. If Larry is anything he is enthusiastic and passionate about everything he does. His usual style of under promising and over delivering keeps his credibility on track. He goes out of his way to give his Customers the best service they can get. I wouldn't be afraid to patronize any company that Larry represents because I know if he said they would deliver, they would deliver.”
April 7, 2008
Manufacturing Supervisor
Lyncean Technology


* Contact information for these testimonials can be furnished upon reques

Success has come from maintaining my credibility not only with Customers but with the associates and colleagues I work with.

I demonstrate my professionalism by handling both the mundane and highly charged issues with confidence and ease.

My success in sales is based in my passion, perseverance, and enthusiasm, along with the confidence to apply them all.

I am committed to help your company soar to new heights. I can provide the passion and energy that drives the success necessary to compete in today's marketplace.

When I'm not reading inspirational books, my spare time is spent flying radio control airplanes, mountain biking to keep fit and spending time with my wife, Celeste, and her crazy animals.

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